Virtual Shows and Magical Zoom Parties!

Share laughs and make memories with your guests from anywhere!  The Great Zucchini will bring his hilarious, one-of-a-kind show right to the safety of your screen.

Going digital gives everyone in your group a front row seat to all the magical silliness, visual comedy, and fun games The Great Zucchini is known for!

Virtual birthday parties with The Great Zucchini!

An absolute delight and well worth the money! My son was regularly collapsing back on the couch he was laughing so hard and you could audibly hear our next door neighbor (age 5) laughing from his house.

I highly recommend the Great Zucchini and will always be grateful for the opportunity to come together with friends and family from afar.

– Sarah N.

Virtual shows with The Great Zucchini
Hilarious birthday parties your guests will enjoy from anywhere!
  • Perfect for children ages 2 to 7
  • Flexible show lengths up to 30 minutes
  • Birthday child will be the star!
  • Host your own, or ask Zucchini to help!
  • Zoom platform preferred